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CCTV has provided vital evidence in a number of high profile cases that has helped identify and catch criminals by the police. It not only serves as a deterrent for criminals but also provides vital clues in what sometimes are unsolvable cases.
CCTV systems are very important in today's world as the rate of crime has increased considerably and even the government has heavily increased investment into CCTV systems for town centres to make our environment a safer place.

"A Properly installed & well maintained CCTV system can reduce crime levels!"

SecurityCAM can design, install, & maintain quality CCTV systems that can help reduce criminal activity and give you peace of mind. We no longer use the old quads, multiplexers and vhs recorders for our CCTV systems but rather use Standalone and Network based DVR's (digital video recorders) which prove to have much better quality, are more reliable, and you can also view your cameras from anywhere in the world. Because our DVR's only record when there is motion with cyclic recording, they are much more efficient and virtually maintenance free - no more tapes to change!

With our industry specific CCTV systems, you can get the best solution that is right for you and your business. The industry sectors we cover include:

  • Home CCTV Systems with remote view
  • Retail CCTV with on screen till systems
  • Office CCTV Systems with remote view & video conferencing
  • Building Site CCTV with GPRS systems
  • Nurseries & Schools with remote view
  • Warehouse CCTV with armoured cameras
  • Observation CCTV with monitoring and alerts

We only use quality equipment for our CCTV systems that include brands like SONY, Panasonic, Pelco, & Vista, and you'll be surprised how inexpensive we are. We also offer FREE helpful advice on CCTV, the DPA (Data Protection Act) and how it affects your business.

For further information or a FREE CCTV site survey, contact us on 0845 644 9321 to see what we can do for you.

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