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Live Demo

The SecurityCAM Live Demo has been set up with our BlackBox™ Network DVR connected to a Day/Night camera over looking a main road in London. This demo can be accessed using most Internet Browsers and you don't even need to download a plugin to view the live stream. For best performance, we recommend the h.263 version as this has the best compression for remote view over the Internet.

Internet Explorer Versions:

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H.263 Live Feed Version - Requires Plugin
Using minimal bandwidth with best performance, this is a Live Camera Feed with a high compression rate. The frame rate will vary depending on your internet connection.

Download H.263 Plugin 591Kb

Image Stream Version - No Plugin Required
This is an Image stream with a frame rate of approximately 5secs per frame depending on your internet connection.

Most Browsers Compatible:

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Java Applet Version - Java Required
This is a Live Camera Feed using low bandwidth. The frame rate may vary depending on your internet connection.
username is 'test' password is 'test'

Download Java

Snapshot Refresh Version - No Plugin Required A snapshot image of the camera view is taken and updated every 5secs.

Streaming quality may vary depending on the number of users logged on at the same time.

Blackbox™ Network DVR

BlackBox™ Network DVR
Find out more about the BlackBox™ Network DVR and what it can do for you.

Download BlackBox™ PDF Data Sheet 3.4Mb       |      Get Acrobat Reader