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This live demo is from our BlackBox™ Network DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The BlackBox™ comes in 4, 8 12, & 16 video channels with 1 audio input channel and also 1 channel for speaker output allowing you to use this system for video conferencing. The BlackBox™ DVR is a Triplex system giving you simultaneous access to live viewing, recording, playback and administrative functions from anywhere. You can even view live streams from your mobile device and receive alerts for remote monitoring. Unlike most ordinary systems, the BlackBox™ has a dedicated 30fps for each camera input so you are guaranteed a quality recording every time.

We can even incorporate a real-time snapshot image (like the one on the left) or a live video stream of your camera into your website.

Download BlackBox™ PDF Data Sheet

If you would like further information or full administrative rights to gain access to one of our BlackBox™ Network DVR's, then contact us on 0845 644 9321 and we will be happy to help.